Sibelco New Zealand Ltd

Sibelco New Zealand Ltd

We donít often think about it, but most of the items we use daily started out as minerals in the ground. At Sibelco we find, extract, process and distribute these raw materials internationally, with the traditional markets being glass, paints, plastics, paper, steel, and adhesives.
Sibelco processes and supplies raw materials for the Australian, New Zealand and Asian manufacturing and primary industries.

We are part of the Sibelco Group, which is one of the largest privately owned industrial mineral companies in the world.

Products and Services

Alumina Hydrate; Barytes; Bentonite; Clay; Cristobalite; Dolomite; Feldspar; Gypsum; Lime;
Limestone; Magnesia; Magnetite; Mineral Sands; Manganese Dioxide; Natural Red Iron Oxide; Nepheline Syenite; Silica; Talc; Wollastonite; Foundry consumables


CRL; Minbloc; Minex; Portafil; QMAG; Sibelite; Silverbond; Snobrite; Trubond; Trugel; Unispar