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Condition in Container
Test: 103.1. Please consider comments on Surface skin; Consistency; Separation; Settling; Extraneous matter as needed.
Degree of Settling
Test: 211.1 - Rating
Ease of reincorporation
Test: 211.2. Report as ‘Readily or Not Readily Reincorporated. If not readily reincorporated provide comment.

NVC (105C oven for 3 hours)
TEst 301.1. Report in %
Test 202.1. Report in kg/L
Test 505.1
Finess of Grind
Test 204.1. Report in um
Viscosity: Krebs
Test 214.1. Report in KU
Viscosity: ICI
Test 214.3. Report in Pa.s
Viscosity: Brookfield
Test: 214.5. Report in cPs.
Spindle No3, speed 3rpm - stir well before test

Gloss: 20 deg
Test: 602.2, report in Gloss Units
Gloss: 60 deg
Test: 602.2, report in Gloss Units
Gloss: 85 deg
Test: 602.2, report in Gloss Units
Brush out
Test: 205.1, please comment:
Substrate – Opacity Card Target 100um wet film thickness.
Report –lapping, cratering, opacity, coverage, foaming

Test: 603.1. Please comment:
Substrate – Opacity Card
Gloss (subjectively)
Colour uniformity (subjectively)
Comment on Coarse particles; Streakiness; Mudcracking; Brush marks; Orange peel; Visible sag; Runs

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