Hazardous Substances Workshop

The new Hazardous Substances Regulations go live on 1 December 2017.

Is your business ready?

As you are aware, there are new regulations coming into play on 1 December that impact all areas of the Paint Industry, from importers, to suppliers to retailers to end users.

To help understand these, and get some insights into what are the main changes, we have organised for representatives from both the EPA and Worksafe to present on Friday 29th September.

This workshop is specifically targeted towards the paint industry and the speakers will be available to questions afterwards.

Some of the areas that will be talked about include:
  • Approved Handlers
  • Class 6 & 8 Hazardous Locations
  • Consumer Product Implications
  • Consumer Products
  • Group Standards
  • Implications
  • Non-Workplace
  • Part V
  • Transitions
  • And more ...

For more information about the new regulations, please click here to go to the relevant page in the EPA website.

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