ASCC Limited is a customer driven raw material supplier. We work for our customers to ensure that they have the materials that they need to be successful in a global market. We offer technical solutions from our representation of multinational manufacturers such as Shamrock Technologies, Worlee Chemie and Sasol. We support our customers with distribution from stores in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Products and Services

Adhesives, Building Products, Coatings, Metal Treatment, Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Polyurethane, Roading, Rubber, Timber Treatment, Water Treatment, Personal Care & Home Care.


Sasol, Savita Oil Technologies, ExxonMobil Chemical, Eternal Resins, RDC, Shamrock Technologies, Worlee Chemie, Jobling Purser, Arkema, Dong Chen, Marbo, Textron, Jacobi, Kettiltz, Envirotech, Handy Chemicals, and others