Azelis NZ Ltd

Azelis NZ Ltd

Manufacturer and distributor of chemicals

Products and Services

Acrylics, Aluminium and bronze pastes and powders, Amide waxes, Anionic and non-ionic surfactants, Anticorrosive pigments, Biocides, Biocides, Cans for packaging, Chem-metal paint driers, Chlorowax, Colloidal Silica (Bindzil), Dispersants, Dyes, Emulsion polymerisation surfactants, Flame retardants, Flame retardants, Fluorescent pigments, Fluoro surfactants, Fungicides, Micaceous iron oxide pigments, Mixed metal oxides, Natural hydrocarbon resins, Pearlescent pigments and specialties, Pigment dispersions, Pigments, Plasticisers, Polymer modifiers, Preservatives, PVB resins, Specialty plasticisers, Titanium dioxide, UV inhibitors, Water-based polyurethanes, Wax Emulsions, Waxes, Wetting agents, Zinc dust, Zinc oxide


Chemcolour, American Gilsonite, Aron Universal, Clariant, CMMP, Croda, Eckart, Eka, Ferro, Kamsons, Kronos, Kurary Asia Pacific (KAP), Michelman, Nipa, Shell, SNCZ, Transpek Silox, Visy