Agency Support for Trade

The Ministry of Transport sent out the following list of support that is available for trade:

I’d like to remind you of the different support which is available across agencies:

  • Customs has a dedicated email address [email protected] to identify and expedite border clearance of critical supplies, which includes personal protective equipment (PPE), medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies.
  • NZTE is continually speaking with our exporters to understand their challenges and directly helping them by providing access to one-on-one supply chain experts. These private sector industry experts work with the individual customer to undertake a review that assesses their inbound and outbound supply chain and identifies risks and opportunities.
  • MFAT is utilising the offshore ‘NZ Inc.’ network to monitor and report on New Zealand’s global supply chain connections and is supporting the international flow of critical goods such as medicines where necessary and able to do so.
  • Exporters can report any problems they’re experiencing by emailing [email protected], calling the MFAT Exporter Helpline 0800 824 605, or logging trade barriers at