APAS: Draft revision of D123 restrictions on paint ingredients

We have just received the following email from Ken Loffhelm. The deadline is for the end of this month, so once again, this is to give you the opportunity to put in your own submission, and if you wish to also be part of a consolidated NZPMA submission, please forward your comments through to me by Monday 29 June.

Subject: Draft revision of D123 restrictions on paint ingredients

Please find attached a proposed revision to the existing APAS Document D123 Uniform Paint Standard. This revision is open for Public Comment until the end of this month. Please use the attached form for making any comments on the revision.

The problem with the current document referring to the Uniform Paint Standard (UPS – Appendix I of the Standard for the Uniform Scheduling of Medicines and Poisons SUSMP rev4) is that the UPS does not actually restrict any ingredients. It says that if they are present, then certain additional labellling requirements need to be met.

Current overseas practices are leaning more towards actually restricting or prohibiting certain ingredients eg know carcinogens. The labelling restrictions of the UPS will still apply of course.

I look forward to all constructive comments.


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