PaMPITO Merging into Competenz

As a valued partner of the Plastics and Materials Processing Industry Training Organisation (PaMPITO), we would like to inform you of planned changes to the future structure of training for your industry.

Competenz, the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for manufacturing, engineering, forestry, and food and beverage manufacturing, and PaMPITO have announced their intention to merge.

The Minister of Tertiary Education formally approved the merger on the 18th of September and it will go ahead on 1 October 2013.

PaMPITO’s Board recognises the strong synergies with Competenz as a large multi-sector ITO with a focus on manufacturing. The result of the merger will be a streamlined service to many employers who arrange on-the-job training through both Competenz and PaMPITO.

As a multi-sector ITO with scale and expertise in manufacturing and technology skill development, Competenz brings significant benefits for companies and trainees, both of which will benefit from its national network of account managers and strong customer service focus.

The merger will also result in considerable back office efficiencies, meaning more money will be invested in driving successful outcomes for learners and employers. And in the future, plastics and materials processing trainees will be able to benefit from Competenz’ e-learning capability, which is a leader in New Zealand.

Should the merger be approved, PaMPITO will continue to operate from its Manukau location and will remain contactable via its existing channels. PaMPITO will work closely with the Competenz Strategy and Integration team to ensure a smooth transition under the Competenz banner.

The merger is in line with the Government’s views that a reduced number of ITOs will create a more cohesive vocational education system from school to work, with clear pathways to a career.

Competenz is committed to making New Zealand businesses more competitive, with skilled and productive staff, and this merger forms an important part of that goal.

We look forward to continuing to working alongside you as part of Competenz and continuing the close relationship we have developed with your organisation and its staff.


Stephen Falvey
Chairman – Plastics and Materials Processing Industry Training Organisation (PaMPITO)