Who We Are and What We Do

The purpose of the New Zealand Paint Manufacturers Association Incorporated (NZPMA) is to represent and advance the interests of its members to ensure the sustainability of the New Zealand paint and surface coatings industry. The NZPMA represents 25 companies and our members account for over 90 percent of all paint manufactured in New Zealand.

The NZPMA is governed by the membership rather than an elected Council. Members attend regular meetings three times a year. The Association believes general meetings allow greater and more timely input from members.

The day to day management of the Association is the responsibility of an elected Secretariat who is employed by the group on a part time basis.

The objects of the Association are:

  1. To promote, aid, foster, develop and protect the interests of the paint industry in New Zealand by whatever ethical means the Association may think fit.
  2. To secure to the New Zealand paint industry and to the Members of the Association all the advantages of unanimity of action.
  3. To create a feeling of unity amongst Members of the Association throughout New Zealand.
  4. To collect and disseminate to Members, statistical and other information relating to the paint industry and other subjects of interest, and publicise other matters as may seem conducive to any of the objects of the Association.
  5. To provide means for the promotion or opposing, in accordance with the interest of the Association Members, of any legislation, regulation, rule or other actions as considered appropriate by the Association.
  6. To provide a co-ordinated voice for the paint industry.
  7. To oversee the provision of appropriate educational programmes for the industry.
  8. To represent New Zealand Industry interests in local forums and abroad.
  9. To take or empower such legal and other lawful proceedings as may be necessary for the conduct of the Association’s business.
  10. To provide a forum for the creation of industry standards and practices that best serve the health and safety interests of paint consumers.
  11. To promote the investigation and adoption of practices and standards that reduce negative environmental impacts of the paint industry.
  12. To invest the surplus funds of the Association.