Paint Recycling

NZPMA is proud to promote the welfare of New Zealand environment. We live in such a unique part of the world - and given that so much of this nation’s pleasure activities are of the outdoor nature, it seems only right that we all do our bit to recycle, to ensure a lively and healthy environment for the generations to come.

There are two NZPMA members – Dulux and Resene – who operate reclaim and recycling programmes. Thank you for taking responsibility for your waste and for supporting these essential programmes.

What Can Be Returned?

  • Water based paints and paint packaging
  • Solvent based paints and paint packaging
  • Polyurethanes (Resene only)
  • Empty paint cans/pails/lids*
  • Empty tinter cans
  • Protective coatings, two packs and hardeners **
  • Textured coatings **

For health and safety purposes, all products presented for recycling must be in the original packaging, well sealed and with the label/printing legible.

* remove the lid and allow the contents to dry out before recycling
** Altex, Resene and Rockcote brands accepted only at approved Resene centres

What Happens To It After It Is Recycled?

Water based paint is supplied to community groups for uses such as council/community anti-graffiti work. In the PaintWise scheme paint unusable in the community is directed to novel construction applications.

Solvent based paint is sent to solvent recovery to extract the solvents for reuse by other companies.

Where possible metal and plastic containers are recycled.

As a last resort unusable paint is stabilised and sent to landfill.

What Cannot Be Recycled?

  • Paint not in original and labelled packaging
  • Paint thinners
  • Turpentine
  • Mineral spirits
  • Solvents
  • Aerosols/spray cans
  • Automotive paints (Resene only)
  • Marine and anti-fouling Paints
  • Wallpapering materials including glues, adhesives and pastes
  • Tiling materials including glues, pastes, grouting, adhesives, etc
  • Plastering products including GIB compounds
  • Road coatings
  • Flint coatings
  • Any other materials

These products must be disposed of via a specialist Hazardous Waste Company. You will need to contact your local Council to find out what is available near you.

Where Are The Recycle Centres?

Click here to view a list of Paint Recycling Centres...