Please enter the details for the testing of your Round 14 Proficiency Test sample.

All Test Methods are from NZ/AS 1580.

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Condition in Container
Test: 103.1. Please consider comments on Surface skin; Consistency; Separation; Settling; Extraneous matter as needed.
Degree of Settling
Test: 211.1 - Rating
Ease of reincorporation
Test: 211.2. Report as ‘Readily or Not Readily Reincorporated. If not readily reincorporated provide comment.

NVC (105C oven for 3 hours)
TEst 301.1. Report in %
Test 202.1. Report in kg/L
Test 505.1
Finess of Grind
Test 204.1. Report in units of um.
Viscosity: Krebs
Test 214.1. Report in KU
Viscosity: ICI
Test 214.3. Report in Pa.s
Please note that under Test NZ1580-214.3 the result for ICI should be reported in Pa.s. However the ICI machine often reports results in Poise. So, to meet the standard, please convert any Poise result into Pa.s (1 poise = 0.1Pa.s, so divide Poise by 10 to get Pa.s)

Viscosity: Brookfield
Test: 214.5. Report in cPs.
Spindle No10, speed 5rpm - stir well before test. If possible, calibrate your machine before testing.

Gloss: 20 deg
Test: 602.2, report in Gloss Units
Gloss: 60 deg
Test: 602.2, report in Gloss Units
Gloss: 85 deg
Test: 602.2, report in Gloss Units
Light Source: D65
Angle: 10 degrees
Measured in: CIE Lab space
Sample: 2 coats at 100um wet each. Over white.
Test Method NZ/AS 1580 - 610.3.
Values to be given are: L; a; b

Brush out
Test: 205.1, please comment:
Substrate – Opacity Card Target 100um wet film thickness.
Report –lapping, cratering, opacity, coverage, foaming

Test: 603.1. Please comment:
Substrate – Opacity Card
Gloss (subjectively)
Colour uniformity (subjectively)
Comment on Coarse particles; Streakiness; Mudcracking; Brush marks; Orange peel; Visible sag; Runs

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