Why Join Us?

The New Zealand business environment is challenging, with new programs and policies as well as new laws and regulations being brought in either by new governments or international requirements.

The NZPMA is the recognised voice of the surface coatings industry in New Zealand, and it provides crucial input into the regulatory framework to ensure a level playing field and a sustainable future for our industry.

Through insightful technical understanding, based on sound scientific principles, the NZPMA is well placed to provide industry advice to the Government and Local Bodies, to permit them to meet their environmental and social objectives and help the industry achieve their economic and ethical goals.

Nine critical reasons for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or affiliated businesses to be part of the NZPMA are:

  • A voice on our position on industry-critical regulations and developing the future regulatory environment;
  • Influence in Government Industry Committees on our business environment;
  • Regular updates to help member companies comply with new regulations, legislation and government policies on hazardous substance, chemical management, HSWA, stewardship, GHS, as they occur
  • Opportunities to meet regulators face-to-face to discuss issues of importance;
  • Regular updates from IPPIC, the International Association on issues impacting the industry around the world;
  • Opportunities to participate in NZPMA Sales Surveys to access key sector statistics on industry performance;
  • Networking opportunities via active participation in NZPMA Committees;
  • Access to specific industry training opportunities on a needs basis;
  • Access to NZPMA documents through the Members’ Zone